My professional experience is pretty varied. I started working as an educator, and spent two years working as a professional artist. I then got into the administrative side of non-profit work, managing community programs. After graduate school, I built up a number of experiences working in social enterprise and social innovation, before moving on to MIT where I spent a year as a Sloan Fellow in Innovation and Global Leadership. Here are some highlights...


Creative Capacity Building training in Zambia.

Creating new solutions for refugees in Stockholm.

Designing a new menstrual hygiene solution for Zambian women.

Mentoring micro-entrepreneurs in Johannesburg.

Bringing together refugees and humanitarians to co-create.

Making briquettes in Zambia.

Running a user-centered design workshop with refugee and host communities in Zambia.

Creat-a-thon with refugees in São Paulo.

Arriving at the refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya.

Running a theatre-based HIV/AIDS education workshop in Ghana.

Focusing on bottom-up innovation in refugee and host communities, I spearheaded the 2016 Humanitarian Innovation Jam in Kampala, Uganda in March. The Jam cultivated an inspiring sense of togetherness among refugees from South Sudan, Rwanda, DRC, and Burundi and organizations who support them.

Here I talk about maximizing the economic potential of refugees at the Skoll World Forum 2016 panel "Refugee Crisis: Roots and Remedies." with Joanne Liu, International President at Medecins Sans Frontiers, and Farouk Habib, Program Director of Mayday Rescue - a nonprofit that trains and supports The White Helmets.