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about me.

I'm a Fulbright Scholar and MIT Sloan Fellow passionate about finding new ways to solve complex social challenges. I'd like to disrupt charitable and philanthropic funding models, as well as the way private firms think about and measure their impact.  Find out more




My professional experience is pretty varied. I started working as an educator, and spent two years working as a professional artist. I then got into the administrative side of non-profit work and managed community education programs. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon's Heinz College of Public Policy and Management in 2010, I built up a number of experiences working in social enterprise and social innovation. I most recently spent 3 years at the UN Refugee Agency, working in the Innovation Unit on new solutions for complex refugee challenges. 


Bottom-up innovation workshop for refugees in uganda

designing a menstrual hygiene solution for zambian women 

mentoring micro-entrepreneurs in johannesburg

hosting co-creation workshop with refugees and designers in stockholm

speaking on a panel on innovative solutions for the european refugee crisis




I've built up a unique skill set over my 10+ years of professional experience. Working as an educator has given me training and workshop facilitation skills. As an impact storyteller I've gained skills in design, content creation, and strategic communications. But, I also have a right-brained side. I have significant program management and measurement skills, and I enjoy mentoring micro-entrepreneurs and local innovators in creating sustainable business models. 


program design & management


impact storytelling


Marketing communications



training & Facilitation





let's connect.

As social impacting investing is a relatively emerging field, I'd like to connect with others who share my passion. If you'd like to stay in touch and get an occasional update from me by email, share your address below. I'm also on LinkedIn and Twitter and would love to connect there. 

Managing poverty is big business. Ending poverty is revolutionary.
— Anonymous