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I'm a Fulbright Scholar and MIT Sloan Fellow and I love to find new ways to solve complex social challenges. I'm the CEO of Uncomfortable Revolution, where I get to work on building inclusive societies for people living with chronic illness or disability.  Find out more

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I live to tell stories…especially the ones that matter. I started working as an educator, and spent two years working as a professional artist. I then got into NGO marketing communications and eventually ended up at the UN Refugee Agency, where I spent 3 years engaging staff and refugees on innovation. After a year at MIT as an Innovation and Global Leadership Fellow, I co-founded a social enterprise. 


Bottom-up innovation workshop for refugees in uganda

designing a menstrual hygiene solution for zambian women 

mentoring micro-entrepreneurs in johannesburg

hosting co-creation workshop with refugees and designers in stockholm

speaking on a panel on innovative solutions for the european refugee crisis


Changing the world takes guts.




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Managing poverty is big business. Ending poverty is revolutionary.
— Anonymous